We are a brand development company


Mvnik is a hip hop producer / engineer

I Know My Worthâ„¢

Personal & Professional Development Services

What we do

We provide businesses the following services to help them grow as well as ease their minds. We do what were best at so you can focus on what your best at!

Code / Development

We employ some of the best web development engineers in the world!

Brand Developemnt

With new brands being created everyday, we like to stay on top of marketing tactics. We can review your strategy and make recommendations


Our project management team is THE most organized, detailed, and effective with communications.

We are Everywhere

Our employees work 100% remote and understand the power of communication via the internet

Support System

Because we work remotely, we have the ability to support your teams almost 24 hours a day 7 days a week with quick response times

Technology Design Consulting

Engineers on our team are capable of designing technology systems for various markets

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We love talking with people who are passionate about creating!