Universal Prayer Preview
Universal Prayer Preview

About Us

MANIC360 is about building your business, brand, and reputation. Your business shouldn't be confined in a box, nor defined with a template. Good thing for you, we know you're different - so we treat you as such by creating custom solutions from scratch. Think of it this way, you're an artist & there is a canvas for you to experiment with, to use your imagination and dream BIG. We'll make it happen together.

We also specialize in Digital Signage integration and web/mobile application development for Retail, Museums, Entertainment, Resturaunts, Corporate, Education, Medical, and Financial industries. Our perspective of design, strategy, and planning is unique. It is our passion to submerge end users in a one of a kind experience that begins with curiosity and ends with success. We admire small details about brands and have a nac for discovering potential in areas that may have been overlooked for years.

It's 2017, between the web and signage applications we have endless possibilities for interaction and campaigning: Internal Marketing, Network Wide Messaging, Safety Instructional Apps, Loyalty Tracking, Virtual Assistants, Wayfinding, Social Music, POS Integration, Live Language Translating, Interactive Museum Exhibits, Menu Boarding, Event Attraction, RSS News, Physician Availability, Real-Time Currency Exchange Rates, Geographical Content Customization, and much much more!

Our Clients


  • Beyond Beauty
  • Daniella's Hair Studio

Digital Media

  • Diamond Ticketing
  • ElevenFreak Music

Food / Health

  • Fancy Fruit
  • Nuture Through Nutrition

Health & Wellness

  • Sparkle Pet Grooming
  • YBBN
  • RNR Martial Arts
  • Medwell Solutions